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Beautician urges individuals to discuss their psychological well-being

A HAIRDRESSER thought about ending his very own life in the wake of enduring with gloom.

Ollie Mehra, from Brighton, has battled with tension and misery since the age of 15.

In any case, the 23-year-old said that when his sweetheart parted ways with him in June a year ago it was the “bit of inconvenience that is finally too much to bear”.

He stated: “I could feel it was developing, my nervousness was more regrettable than it had ever been, I was getting more discouraged than I had ever been.

“I had a ton of changes occur in my life and afterward I experienced a separation.

“I got actually ineffectively and didn’t have even an inkling what to else to do.

“I couldn’t see another exit plan. The main way out I could see is take my own life.”

Following an especially terrible night, Ollie woke up and chose to look for help.

He began seeing a guide and some portion of his treatment was to discuss his encounters.

Ollie stated: “I went to the bar. There was a gathering of around ten of us altogether. A gathering of all my nearest mates, all young men.

“I had been actually tranquil for the most recent few weeks so I said ‘look chaps, the reason I have not been going out so frequently is on the grounds that I have been truly discouraged and battling with nervousness’.”

His companions’ response astonished him.

Ollie stated: “Actually four of them put their hands up and stated, ‘mate, so have I, I know how that feels, I’ve seen a guide’.”


Ollie said this influenced him to acknowledge he was “not by any means the only one” and it was definitely not an “odd thing”.

He stated: “I ought to have discussed this sooner.

“Presently we have such a dear kinship gathering, most likely closer than previously, in light of the fact that we as a whole discussion about it.

“What I need to do is help individuals understand that it is OK that they don’t feel OK right now however there is an exit plan and you can show signs of improvement.”

Ollie addressed Samaritans, a philanthropy “devoted to lessening sentiments of detachment and disengagement that can prompt suicide”, as a major aspect of its Real People, Real Stories battle.

This intends to urge men to look for help.

Ollie stated: “In case you’re experiencing an extreme time, the best thing you can do is discussion and offer it.

“Things can generally show signs of improvement and there are such a significant number of more choices.

“Confronting your issues is difficult and unnerving however it’s vastly improved to show signs of improvement.

“In the event that sharing my story levels only one individual, at that point that is everything I could seek after.”

Samaritans is “an exceptional philanthropy devoted to lessening sentiments of disengagement and detachment that can prompt suicide”.

It includes that at regular intervals it reacts to a call for help and every year it answers in excess of five million calls by telephone, email, content, letter and up close and personal.

A representative stated: “Regardless of whether it’s an ‘are you OK?’ at simply the correct minute, or the midnight backing of a prepared volunteer.

“Regardless of whether it’s better preparing in the work environment or battling for greater interest in national and nearby suicide anticipation, we’re here.”

Samaritans can be reached by calling 116 123 or email

There is likewise a Brighton and Hove part of the philanthropy at Dubarry House in Newtown Road, Hove.

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