Motorola Razr 2019: Motorola’s folding phone surfaces for the first time

Motorola Razr 2019: Motorola’s folding phone surfaces for the first time

Motorola’s latest take on the successful flip-phone will likely empty your wallet

NEWS UPDATE: The Motorola Razr 2019 is no longer just a rumour. Renowned leaker @Slashleaks posted an official-looking image of the new phone on Twitter over the weekend that depicts the upcoming foldable handset as well as the box and accessories. (Above image credit: @Slashleaks)

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As you’ll soon see, this phone is near-identical to the sketched handset depicted in the patent images below. The design is meant to evoke fond memories of the original Motorola Razr clamshell phone – right down to an obnoxiously big chin – but with one key difference: this phone has a display that stretches the length of the front panel. 

Motorola’s upcoming foldable phone %uD83D%uDCF1 Moto Razr and its box %uD83D%uDDC3

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According to tech site Phone Arena, the Razr 2019 will have a 6.2in display and an impressive 22:9 aspect ratio, making this iteration of Motorola’s beloved handset significantly larger than its ancestors. Phone Arena also reports that the Razr 2019 will come with an USB-C charging cable, as well as a pair of USB-C headphones. So far, we’re still not quite sure when this phone will launch, or what it will use on the hardware front. 

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The Motorola Razr is back. The once-mighty clamshell phone has reappeared a couple of times since it rose to dominance back in 2004, but never with quite the same success. This time, however, Motorola’s Razr redo is looking particularly special.

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Motorola is partnering with Verizon to produce a Razr for 2019 with a foldable screen. The screen – not unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Royole FlexPai – will bend inwards in tribute to the clamshell form factor of the original Razr.

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The original patent for the foldable screen was filed by Lenovo back in 2017, and certainly evokes fond memories of the phone that has since sold over 130 million units. The image below shows a tall screen with a prominent hinge that will allow the phone to fold quite neatly inwards, just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold – currently struggling with broken screens and hardware flaws. 

Let’s not comment on that prominent chin. 

So far, we’ve had very little by way of specifications, but we do have a rough idea on when the new Razr phone is expected to launch, and how much it might cost.

The new Razr will arrive this year, that much is a certainty. The report in the Wall Street Journal suggested that we might see this folding phone as soon as February – a popular time for any phone launch during the MWC period. Obviously, February has come and gone, so all bets are off as to when the phone will appear on shelves. MY TIME AT PORTIA Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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Video Smart Player invented by Digiteka

According to the report, Lenovo is expected to manufacture some 200,000 Razr phones, which suggests that this might be a limited edition product.

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As for the price, well, this won’t be a phone for lighter wallets. The new Motorola Razr will likely set you back an astonishing $1,500 (about £1,159), which places it in the same price bracket as competitors from Samsung and Huawei. Given this extortionate sum, we’d hope to see specs that warrant the assault on our wallets, particularly given that Motorola’s current smartphone lineup is universally inexpensive.

The Moto G7, in comparison, features a 2,340 x 1,080p LCD touchscreen with a notch, 64GB of storage, 4GB RAM, and a dual rear camera (among other things). The patent image proves that there will be a tiny notch on the new Razr phone, and includes what appears to be a camera, fingerprint sensor, and speaker on the rear of the device. Interestingly, the image also seemingly reveals a second screen, located below the rear camera just like the original Razr V3. Otherwise, the patent itself gives very little away.

We’ll be frequently updating this article as soon as we hear any new details about the Razr phone.

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